80’s-Modern Farmhouse Chalk Paint® Kitchen Makeover




I am excited to share my before and after kitchen makeover today! My husband and I did a lot more than just painting the cabinets! We removed the false ceiling that was here due to fluorescent lighting, and most of the upper cabinets. We re-arranged the  rest of the existing cabinetry with a few modifications, installed new countertops and backsplash, built the range hood and open shelves, re-purposed the tongue and groove that came off the ceiling to wrap the bar.

The cabinetry was very well oiled and caked with grease. I scrubbed them down with a de-greaser and sealed them with a coat of shellac to seal in all the oil. I painted the first coat with Old White Chalk Paint® because it has a lot of pigment to cover well, and then finished with Pure White Chalk Paint®. The interior of the cabinets were painted with Duck Egg Chalk Paint ® for a pop of color! I chose to seal the cabinets with 2 coats of Artisan Enhancements Clear Finish. This is a non-yellowing topcoat that is very water resistant and does add some shine.

The shelves were also sealed with the Clear Finish, and the shelf brackets were purchased from Ooh La La & Friends Boutique!

Here at Ooh La La we love these projects and can’t wait to help you choose colors and give you all the tips to make your project success!






6 thoughts on “80’s-Modern Farmhouse Chalk Paint® Kitchen Makeover

  1. I am curious. No wax just the clear coat? And how long did you wait before applying the clear coat after painting. Thank you!!

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