2016 Paint Contest featuring….our customers!





We love September! It’s a natural thing for the soul to want to nest! Mornings get cooler, days get shorter and we find ourselves inside our homes more and more.  I find my eye wandering and pondering which project I can start next!  We crave surrounding ourselves with what we love so we can enjoy the space that we call home.

This contest is now an annual contest so we can feature our customers and their creativity….and give away a few prizes too! Thanks for sharing and keep checking back! There will be more to come!

Entry #1-2 Mandy S. Great update to this cabinet using Pure White & Duck Egg Blue. Two of our favorites! Great job!

#Entry #3-4-Mandy S. Her dad had this bench originally with white paint and  a green fabric cushion.  she painted the material in duck egg blue and dry brushed duck egg blue over the white, then sanded it down to get the perfect look!

Entry #5-6 Mandy S. Found this old chair that needed some love. It is painted in Duck Egg and the fabric is painted Pure White.

Entry #7-8 Mandy S. (…once you start painting with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®…you keep finding more to paint!) This  shadow box project was originally white, then painted  black. Mandy then used Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg and dry brushed them. A bit and sanding and distressing and wow….they look great!


Entry #9-12-Holly W had fun redoing this wardrobe & nightstand for her daughter with Paloma, Old White & Clear Wax!

Entry #13-14-Jackie M sent in this amazing transformation! We love the white wax Jackie! Great job.


Entry 15-16 Jackie also created this piece! Such a great update!


Entry 17-20 Denise M.’s first time ever using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and she loves the results! Denise, SO DO WE!!! She used Pure White Chalk Paint, Clear Wax and then antiqued it slightly with the black wax!


Entry 17-18 from Charlene is the amazing update to a dining room set using the Pure White Chalk Paint® and Clear Wax.  Wow! We love the contrast between the dark stained top and the Pure White! Fabulous!

Entry 21-22 What a great kitchen update! Nikki updated her kitchen cabinets using Old White Chalk Paint®. She sanded the edges a little  and then used the Artisan  Enhancements Clear Finish to seal.

Then she used French Linen on the island with dark wax to distress the edges.

Entry 23-24 Nicole finished two projects using Annie’s Sloan Chalk Paint®!

Nicole sealed the wood since it was old barn wood. Then she painted it with Primer Red and then Old White and sanded it to look distressed. We love the texture!


Entry 25-26 The second project was taking 2 thrift store nightstands and painting them with Paris Gray. Both projects were sealed with Clear Wax.  Look at the difference that Chalk Paint® can make to a piece of well worn furniture!! It’s beautiful!

Entry 26-27 GLAMP your MOTOR HOME!! Lisa did this great update using Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®! It looks much bigger and brighter!!!

Entry 30-31 Christy updated her kitchen using Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint® and Clear and Dark Wax. What a difference it makes to update a kitchen!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this!christy-b-a-kitchen

Entry 32-33 Shelby also updated her kitchen using Annie Sloan Pure White Chalk Paint®.  Painting this cabinets makes it look like a new kitchen and so much brighter!


Entry 34-35 Tiffany brought a pop of color using Barcelona Orange on this cute detailed table.

Entry 36-37 Mandy transformed this couch from dated to fabulous using Paris Grey & Pure White Chalk Paint® and Clear Wax. Yes! The paint holds up great on the fabric! Fabulous!

Entry 38-39 Mindi completed her chalk paint project using Old White & Napoleonic Blue with clear wax!  We love the chevron pattern.

Entry 40-41 Jocelyn redid this bench using Pure White with dry brushing lightly on the drawers. She used a combination of Clear and Dark Wax to get these textures shown.

Entry 42-43 Jocelyn redid this coffee table using Pure White to base the table andthen hand painted dandelions and seeds with Country Grey. She then lightly distressed and waxed. Such talent (and awesome paint!).

Entry 44-45 Another great project by Jocelyn! Using Pure White she covered the entire  headboard and then heavily distressed it. She decopauged book pages and used a 50/50 mix of Clear and Dark Wax to age and complete the project.

Entry 46-47 An desk submitted by Jocelyn turned out fantastic. She decided to leave the original top and used pure white on the bottom. Light distressing and Clear Wax complete the look.  We love the contrast of wood and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®!

Entry 48-49 Jocelyn completed an office chair using Country Grey Chalk Paint®. She recovered the chair with canvas and wrote her favorite saying using a fabric marker and heat set method!

Entry 50-54 Jocelyn completed a chair using Graphite and Dark Wax and then reupholstered it with a fun fabric.

Entry 52-5 Becky used Graphite and Duck Egg Blue to create some amazing pieces of furniture!


We love the Graphite and Duck Egg paired on this dresser! Gorgeous2016 Paint Contest featuring….our customers!!

80’s-Modern Farmhouse Chalk Paint® Kitchen Makeover




I am excited to share my before and after kitchen makeover today! My husband and I did a lot more than just painting the cabinets! We removed the false ceiling that was here due to fluorescent lighting, and most of the upper cabinets. We re-arranged the  rest of the existing cabinetry with a few modifications, installed new countertops and backsplash, built the range hood and open shelves, re-purposed the tongue and groove that came off the ceiling to wrap the bar.

The cabinetry was very well oiled and caked with grease. I scrubbed them down with a de-greaser and sealed them with a coat of shellac to seal in all the oil. I painted the first coat with Old White Chalk Paint® because it has a lot of pigment to cover well, and then finished with Pure White Chalk Paint®. The interior of the cabinets were painted with Duck Egg Chalk Paint ® for a pop of color! I chose to seal the cabinets with 2 coats of Artisan Enhancements Clear Finish. This is a non-yellowing topcoat that is very water resistant and does add some shine.

The shelves were also sealed with the Clear Finish, and the shelf brackets were purchased from Ooh La La & Friends Boutique!

Here at Ooh La La we love these projects and can’t wait to help you choose colors and give you all the tips to make your project success!





Antibes Chalk Paint® Drawer Makeover

Late last summer my girls and I went to a barn sale. This barn had been closed up for years and many of the items had water damage due to a leaky roof. It was one of those days when you have to get in and dig to find good stuff! I fell in love with the detail on this drawer!  I’ve been wanting to bring in some green to brighten my home for Spring (I don’t do much color!).  I washed as much of the uh…well, bird poop…off the drawer and then painted Antibes Chalk Paint® which covered the rest!  Wowie-that’s bright!


I love Pure White Chalk Paint®.  A dry brushed some on to mellow the drawer a bit.  I sanded this before clear waxing to give it a more vintage worn feel.  A few new knobs and “Ooh La La”! I quite like the finished piece.  I love using drawers, trays and cutting boards to hold my decor on the tables in my house.  It’s easy to move out of the way for meals and I sure don’t want to let a decorating spot in my home go untouched!  


Mantel Makeover

I love the Artisan Enhancement Crackle Tex.  One coat over this wooden mantel followed by Old White Chalk Paint®, Clear Wax and a bit of Tinted French Linen Wax and….well…..OOH LA LA!  The trick with the crackle is that you can only put one coat of paint on-so it needs to be a fairly thick coat of paint.  And the test for me was to trust and walk away and let the Crackle Tex do it’s job!  You can’t control the cracking-it was a challenge for me  as I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist! But….the results were fabulous!

Our friendly staff is available Wednesday-Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to assist with you your painting needs!

Dresser Transformation

I’m really sad that I don’t have a before picture  of this amazing piece to show you. it is one of my favorite transformations.  It had a darker wood inlay where the white bold stripe is.  I really wanted to keep the two tone in the update so I decided on Pure White and French Linen Chalk Paint® so I would have a good contrast between the two.  I had just repainted the walls in my house with a pale taupe color and this matched it perfectly.

This dresser has so much detail but I really didn’t want to use the dark wax with the Pure White so I applied a clear wax followed by some light distressing and then applied  a Pure White tinted wax to highlight the details.  I especially like when the knobs and pulls are in great shape and have detail.  Painting these with Pure White tied everything together.  



Sorry-this one is mine and won’t be for sale at Ooh La La & Friends Boutique  (Yay I finally finished a project of my own!) but come on by and I’ll be happy to help you recreate this look!!



Locker Update

One of the advantages of having a family owned business is involving the grandchildren in our painting projects…everyone has fun! Kids love to paint and there are no harmful VOC’s in the Chalk Paint®. Addi helped clean and paint these lockers.  We choose Paris Gray  for the inside and Graphite for the outside. Two coats covered the original red and orange surface. We painted hardware and metal tags as well to give them a clean uniform look. The lockers were then dry brushed using the Artisan Enhancement Product Pearl Plaster and then sealed with Artisan Enhancement Clear Coat Finish.  This combination gave these lockers an industrial look.

IMG_0799 IMG_0801 IMG_0802 IMG_1781 IMG_1783We would love to help you with your next project!

2015 Ooh La La & Friends Furniture Painting Contest

We are excited to share a few projects from this years Furniture Painting Contest featuring Chalk Paint® and Artisan Enhancements.

Winners this year are Masie Richards and Katrina Goodrich. Each were selected in a random drawing. We could never judge these projects and make a decision as to our favorite! They are all unique and beautiful.  Thank you so very much for sharing your projects with Ooh La La & Friends.

The first submission from Krista turned out so cute on this dining room set!


 After: Provence & Old White


These great projects came in from Robin…so pretty and very elegant!


FullSizeRender (1)

She stripped the the top of the table since she wanted to lime or white wash it.The bottom and legs were painted with Napoleonic Blue and a gold on the details. A thinned out mix of Old White and Pure White were used on the outer edge of the top. A very small detailed stripe was added with the Napoleonic to separate the painted edge and the lime wash. Clear and dark wax were used on the legs and clear wax on the top. Upon finishing she finished by buffing it for extra shine!







After :Aubusson Blue & Clear and Dark Soft Wax


Julie chose to paint her entry table using Burgundy and Pure White Chalk Paint®.  We love the stencil she used from Royal Design Studios-what a beautiful contrast between the two colors.

Julie justice tableJulie Justice 1 process

Julie Justice

Brett completely changed the look of this dresser into a very chic entertainment center using a mix of 60% Graphite and 40% Old White and then using Clear Wax on the entire piece.  This color pairs with the dark stain very well. We love how the diamond knobs tie into the metal mesh used on the doors!
Brett Neilson.JPG

Averee totally changed the look of this hutch from dated to fabulous. The hint of Antoinette  adds to the vintage feel of the piece. Well done!

Averee Roberts.PNG

Brittney isn’t afraid of color and we love it!  This is a great transformation of this piece and shows how the paint sets off the detail! This piece was completed with Antibes and Florence.

Britney Workman (2)

Britney Workman

Darian updated this piece from dated light oak to this using Paris Gray and Pure White with Clear Wax and some light distressing. The knobs and plaq are painted using Graphite.


Jeanette fell in love with this table  after base painting it Paris Gray and Antoinette.  She then used a Royal Design Studio stencil and Pure White on top and clear waxed!  This combination gave the piece a very feminine feel-the lucky girl that get’s this will be happy!

Jeanette Eaton.JPG

Macy did a lime wash by using diluted Chalk Paint®  on raw wood  and then hand painted the wire and stenciled the birds.  She used both the clear and dark wax-the dark wax made the wood look richer! She also completed a frame using the Louis Blue, Clear Wax and then tinted Pure White Wax.  Lightly distressing to the gold underneath and then adding a bit of silver Gilding added depth to the frame.

Macy Jones2

Macy Jones

Sue gave a great update to darling maple furniture piece that was handed down to her and her husband by family members.  The completed piece looks so clean and bright!

Sue Hooley b4

Sue Hooley after











Brandi used Pure White, Coco and then French Linen followed by Clear Wax to get a “greige” look on her kitchen cabinet update.  Impressive change!

Brandi Gines #1

Brandi Gines #2

Shayln updated her kitchen island and chairs. Look how much fun this update is!

Lisa transformed this wardrobe using Graphite Chalk Paint®.  It now has a totally new look! We love how the handles pop and the details shows up so well.

Lisa Barton 2015

The before of this piece submitted by Katrina was brown and didn’t match her house. Ooh La La….look at it now!

Katrina Goodrich 15

Elsie did this amazing bedroom furniture makeover.  Look at the beauty in the detail of these pieces!

Elsie Zager

Julie’s before and after of a few projects-each one unique and amazing!

Julie Justice 3 b4

Old Violet and a custom mix of Old White and Pure White with a rag technique on the top. There’s a surprise of Emile inside the drawer finished with clear wax.

The vintage French Provincial Dresser needed the old decals removed before it was painted with Old White and Coco with Clear Wax.

The mirror is completed with Old White and Dark Wax.

Darling table Coco and Old White with Clear Wax.

And the wonderful update to the dresser is in Paris Grey, Pure White and Clear Wax.

Sharelle send it this furniture update! Love!

Britney totally changed up this dining room set using Antibes, Paris Grey with clear and dark wax. The stencil from Royal Design looks amazing!

Britney table b4britney table after2britney table after

Bisty totally changed the look of this natural wood nightstand by staining the top with a mahogany stain and sealing with the Artisan Enhancements Sealer and then painting the bottom Graphite with clear and dark wax. Love the new look!

Bitsy’s bench makeover is awesome as well.  She painted the legs Coco, the top Pure White and then stenciled with Provence followed by clear wax.

Masie sent in the following projects:

Masie after

This old dresser was painted with Henrietta and the handles and baskets with Graphite. The entire piece was then dark waxed!

This cream colored leather chair was painted with Coco and then dark waxed.  What a great result!

Mazie shelf

Masie first painted these Florence and then decided Graphite would be best in the playroom. That’s the great thing about it-you can always paint over the paint to change it!

mazie crib

The crib was painted using Emperor’s Silk and Clear Wax. It totally changed the look–we love it!

Be sure to submit your photos! If you forgot to take a before, we still want to see your after! We will be giving away several $50 gift certificates to the lucky winners! (ONE ENTRY FOR EACH BEFORE AND EACH AFTER PHOTO)